Welcome to My East End

Photo by Effie Fotaki

The photography competition is now closed, but you can see the winning entries in our gallery.

  • One Lane for All - Simon Browne

    Simon Browne

  • Changing direction - Haleemah Akhtar

    Haleemah Akhtar

  • Fish & Chips - Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson

  • 'Once upon a time in Hackney' - Laura Ghany

    Laura Ghany

  •  - Thaires


  • Aman's City Farm - Aman Uddin

    Aman Uddin

  • Farewell - Anna Krsikova

    Anna Krsikova

  • Mother Nature Bringing People Together - Ivy Myers

    Ivy Myers

  • Toy Tidy - gary margerum

    gary margerum

  • Summer at St Leonard's Church - Mahima Khatun

    Mahima Khatun

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Leadenhall Market Xmas 1936

Explore the history of photography in the East End.

Rosemary Works by Chris Dorley-Brown

See what other photos were submitted to the competition.

The Greenway Mail by Toby Smith

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Photography credits from top left: Effie Fotaki, Swadhinata Trust, Bishopsgate Library, Chris Dorley-Brown and Toby Smith